Valentine’s Day

Don’t fret it cos we’ve got you covered

1. Love Struck? Our Serenades are the perfect little Valentine’s gift

2. Fancy Sending Something Special to the one you love but don’t want to be cliché this Valentine? Contact Us & let our Serenades do the Wooing 😉

3. No flowers, gifts, cakes, chocs, teddies from an admirer? #SerenadeYourself

4. Your Loyal Customers deserve your love this Valentine and we’ve got an array of Customer Appreciation Serenades to choose from

5. NO, it’s not a day for only ladies to receive gifts. Ladies please show your man some love, let’s gift him a Serenade he won’t forget 😉

6. No, it’s not only for spouses or those in relationships. It is a day to show love to anyone and everyone #SerenadesforVal

7. No, it’s not strictly for young people; yea right! It is for all ages and all races #SerenadesforVal

8. No, you don’t have to break the bank to show that special person you love them

9. YES, our Valentine SERENADES will make the difference in your relationship this February 14th

FOR The Men – listen guys; it’s a few weeks to Valentine’s Day and what better time to use our bespoke Serenade Service!

 Six options to choose from:

Option A:
“Sultry” Valentine Serenade – For the bold and daring. We’d consult, conceptualise and execute a sexy Serenade of your choice with decor and music using musical instruments, vocalists, exotic flowers and props

Option B:
“Enamoured You” Valentine Serenade – Consultation, Conceptualisation and Conveyance of a whole day of Serenades:
• A sexy phone Serenade to start your beloved’s day
• A vehicle to convey the recipient to any location throughout the day
• An in-vehicle comedy act
• Serenaded delivery of breakfast, lunch and dinner to your beloved
• Fruit Bouquet
• Customised physical Serenade with decor, musical instruments, vocalists and props

Option C:
“Sweet Ambience” Valentine Serenade – Consultation, Conceptualisation and Conveyance with Musical Instruments, Vocalists, exotic flowers, and a burberry gift box containing:
• A Ted Baker diffuser
• A Ted Baker fragranced candles
• Scented tealight candles
• Lovely glass photo frame
• Lovely glass clock
• Essential oil with burner
• Complimentary sweets

Option D:
“Love Rocks” Valentine Serenade – Consultation, Conceptualisation and Conveyance with Musical Instruments, Vocalists and a gift box containing:
• A cake
• Scented Candles
• A spa set of 6 items
• Oil burner with essential oil
• Tea light candles

Option E: “#SerenadeYourself” Valentine Serenade
So what you don’t have an admirer, we’d consult, conceptualise and execute a Self-Serenade for you that’d keep others envious for years to come. Plus we are super confidential so no one but us would know its a self-Serenade 😉

Option F: Charming Valentine
Not sure you or your recipient fits into any of the above, contact us and lets conceptualsie a Valentine Serenade Perfect for your beloved

 *Note that in all options, Serenades will be delivered with different concepts and some of the Recipient’s favourite songs will be covered by Nino Charmaine.

Ladies y’all aren’t left out; for the same amount, you get Consultation, Conceptualisation and Conveyance with agreed gifts for your men. But you have to contact us to get a list.

Everyone should feel the love this season, no excuses. So, go ahead; give your special person an amazing experience, memorable for a lifetime; give them a Valentine that others would envy for years to come…

Nino Charmaine believes in Love, Let’s Get Serenading

Valentine Serenades by Nino Charmaine
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Nino Charmaine, we are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight with our Serenades on your special occasions or out of the blues surprises. What We Do – We create amazing experiences and exquisite memories by Planning and Executing Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES. Our Service – Serenades Redefined

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