Friends for a Year… Together for a Lifetime – Serenaded Proposals


How long do you have to know someone before you take it to the next level? And how long do you have to date them to take it to the next level after that left level?

Length of time is relative. Being old friends with someone doesn’t mean the person was meant to be the one you would spend eternity with. Some people are meant to come into our lives as friends and friends alone. Some people are meant to come into our lives as lessons.

The key is in knowing your partner well enough… not long enough. I know of couples that met in places where you wouldn’t expect one to find their eternity, even spent the weekend together, and decided to get married the after that. They’re still happily married as you read this… with kids even. How’s that for trumping clichés?

But this isn’t to say that those that have been in relationships for years are wasting their time— not at all. Everyone needs to learn at different paces, and God grants to people different timelines. God had ordained Kings as little as seven, and also blessed grown men too. Our lives differ from one another, and so do our journeys.

For some people a year is too long, and some too little. But we feel it’s just the perfect amount of time for our couple of the week.


Many of us remember anniversaries and birthdays, but how many of you actually remember the day you met your significant other? For most it seems not to be such an important event to hold dear, and because of this it’s hard to be angry at someone who forgot. Sometimes you forget how that accidental dent on the side of a guy’s car got you that ring, or how the amebo you went to do when you saw the crowd gather, and had to ask that girl next to you for an update, got you on your knees a couple of years later… hehehe


Well, not this couple. Our client met his lady on that beautiful January 16th, and was determined to pop the big question exactly a year later. He wanted it to be a day she would never forget, so he called on the experts to make that day a done deal.

*wink* wink*

and we got right to it.

We did an investigation, conceptualized a Serenade, got a venue and got to executing (@investigation: don’t ask how… a Serenader never reveals her secrets… on social media that is).


IMG-20160117-WA0008  IMG-20160117-WA0006  IMG-20160117-WA0009




Demola wanted milestones in their relationships incorporated into the Proposal so we vamped the milestones, placed them on stands and laid them on the pathway so that she is reminded of their journey to this moment; but first a little note to our bride to be






Slide2       Slide3      Slide4

Skip  skip skip (sowie we cannot share the very private milestones with y’all)….

IMG-20160117-WA0004… imagine her surprise when she walked through her own journey, each word taking her back to how exactly it happened; reminding her of even the little things she had taken her mind off of… showing her he really treasured every experience they had formed together.


And we were there to guide there through those memories. From the first stand that bore her name, the team began to sing the song she had always wanted to be sung at her proposal: “I won’t give up” by Jason Marz (our investigations are always on point… and we don’t need a trench coat or a hat to do it!).

Talk about a dream come true!

But we were not done yet. Singing that dream song of hers, each Serenader led her to each stand where the next Serenader took up the next song, providing the perfect background music for her as she drank in those memories blown out in print.



We continued this for a while until we got to a switch point. By the time we switched songs, we had gotten her attention full on, giving her now fiancé enough time to move to the proposal spot undetected.




IMG-20160119-WA0036          IMG-20160119-WA0039

IMG-20160119-WA0044          37




Once he was in the spot, we let her pass through… still singing of course. Five songs were used for this Serenade, two were customised.







And then she saw the Proposal spot and couldn’t hold back

IMG-20160119-WA0026                   34


IMG-20160119-WA0047         IMG-20160119-WA0040

The rest… the rest was too romantic to describe in words

IMG-20160119-WA0046          38


Who wouldn’t say yes after a Serenade like that?!

Next came the “shoki off my new ring” dance steps, twas pure delight 🙂

IMG-20160119-WA0030                               IMG-20160119-WA0031

We had fun sooooo much planning this Serenaded Proposal, enjoy some behind the “Serenade Pictures” for you special peeps


Setting up “memory lane”


Is she here yet?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Free tip: Never Serenade on an empty stomach…

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Proposal Planning: Nino Charmaine

Stands and Place Cards: Nino Charmaine

Props & Decor: Nino Charmaine

Photography: Kabz Creations (07062653166)

Video by – Naijab Media (07064436291 & 08026641569)

Serenading Musical Team: Nino Charmaine



Nino Charmaine, we are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight with our Serenades on your special occasions or out of the blues surprises. What We Do – We create amazing experiences and exquisite memories by Planning and Executing Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES. Our Service – Serenades Redefined

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