The Season of Love is upon us again and why not do something different and fun this year with our Serenades. Doesn’t matter if it’s new love, old love, you are just about to get in love or you have no Valentine, we’ve got you covered with our Serenades.

Our Serenades will give you goodwill like nothing else can. Our Serenades will break defences and walls like nothing else would. Our Serenades heal emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially.

Our Serenades can stand alone OR be the spice to whatever Valentine plans you already have.

Everyone expects a package or gift and all the other routine stuff BUT no one sees a Serenade coming.

Dear Lovers, Let’s transcend your love and give you a goodwill you’d be cashing in on for a long while… Serenade your partner/spouse/lover this Valentine.

Ultimate Surprise (check), Perfectly complements other gift packages (Check), Lasting enamoured effect/result (check check)

… Let’s not forget loyal customers, Valentine is a good time to show them some appreciation and our Serenades are fantastic for this. Don;t wait till the last minute; BOOK NOW.




We know, a lot of lovely couples take the first step of the rest of their lives on February 14th, Let our Serenade create the melody of the next phase of your lives









We can’t even begin to tell you the express non-ending “get out of jail free card” our Serenades bestow on spouses… The mileage you enjoy from the goodwill of our Serenade is priceless; just check our testimonials!

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When words fail, actions through our Serenade shine through, communicating in a way only the heart and soul understand.

Say it with a Serenade this Valentine. Contact us and Book a Serenade








No flowers, gifts, cakes, chocs, teddies from an admirer?
SERENADE Yourself; No one would know and we won’t tell.

We are so discreet that our even Serenading team will not be aware it’s a self-Serenade and yes, though you placed your order, be ready to be surprised and blown away with our delivery.

Guaranteed to make all the boo-ed ladies jealous.
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Nino Charmaine, we are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight with our Serenades on your special occasions or out of the blues surprises. What We Do – We create amazing experiences and exquisite memories by Planning and Executing Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES. Our Service – Serenades Redefined

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