Booking A Valentine Serenade

With each Serenade, we Surprise your darling with the most Beautiful Rendition of their favourite song (our Vocalists sing over guitar strings), we Deliver your gifts, we bring Laughter and Warmth to your heartthrob and we leave them with Poetic written words on how iconic they are to you 🙂


Trust us; our SERENADES is the BEST GIFT you can SURPRISE your loved one with this VALENTINE. So hurry now and book one before it’s too late –

08181237262 [Phone calls and Whatsapp] [emails]

@ninocharmaine [on Instagram] 

To Book:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Answer a few questions to help come up with the best concept for you
  3. Provide us the songs you want us to Serenade your sweet heart with
  4. Provide us an email for an invoice, we confirm payment and voila! Your Serenade is booked 🙂

Check out our Gallery and Testimonials for more on our Serenades.

Our Serenades are the Ultimate Expression of your Love this Valentine as our compositions bring your words to life.

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What is a Valentine Serenade? Our Valentine Serenades are creative experiences put together to show Love to/for the one who gets your heart pumping.

How We Serenade – Each Serenade incorporates artistic compositions of Music (vocalist + instruments), comedy, flowers, art & craft, candles, petals, dance, decor + other thoughtful and intimate details bespoke to the recipient(s); Creating an Amazing Experience and leaving our recipient(s) with Exquisite Memories.

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Nino Charmaine, we are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight with our Serenades on your special occasions or out of the blues surprises. What We Do – We create amazing experiences and exquisite memories by Planning and Executing Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES. Our Service – Serenades Redefined

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