Custom Designed Serenades

At Nino Charmaine, we offer our winning Serenades and Enamoured Surprises Services for a wide range of occasions and gestures. Each Serenade is custom designed based on the client’s needs, resources and the recipient’s personality. For the records – our Serenades are not for females or lovers only. We cater for but are not limited to the following occasions listed below for every individual (male, female, young adults and the matured, corporate clientele and Event Entertainment), plus we do the most amazing Gospel Serenades and breath-taking Phone Serenades too.

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Out-of-the-blue Celebratory Gestures

out of the blues

WebbyLExecutionface cover
You don’t have to wait for an occasion before you Serenade that special someone, surprise that person today!

Corporates: Customer Appreciation Serenades

customer appreciation

Very important to having a successful business is Customer Appreciation, yet it is often viewed as a lost art. Remain ever green in the hearts of your clients, show them they are valued.
We help businesses (both big and small) express gratitude to their clients with beautiful, personalised Serenades for them


Marry Me written in a heart in the sand on a beach

Marry Me written in a heart in the sand on a beach

A diamond ring can always be upgraded, but a proposal story can only be written once.
Since you can’t change a Proposal Memory & Story and you’ve got just one chance to get it RIGHT! You need us 🙂

Romantic Outings (Date Lunches & Date Nights)




Whether it’s your first date or your thousandth, it’s always great to keep the spark alive by treating yourselves to romantic dates.
Hey, it’s okay if you don’t have any date ideas because from the playful to the passionate, we have you covered 😉


Nino Charmaine_Dunhill2Nino Charmaine_Toks40th-birthdayflashmob

Add Sophistication, Glamour and an element of WOW to your open or private events and parties with our Serenades; our Acapella Serenades are especially exceptional for all types of events.
Did you know Flashmobs breathe an interesting theme to your corporate and personal events?
We come up with creative ideas and hire choreographers, musicians, dancers and costumes to deliver an entertainment experience that will have quests talking for years.

Our services extend to Parties and Wedding Entertainment (DJ, MC, Bands, Décor and many more).





She can be awoken to the surprise of a Serenade, she can be ushered off to the church with a Serenade, she can be surprised at the venue with a Serenade and the best part; we can Serenade the couple as they take their first dance as Man & Wife…

We understand the intimacy of this day, from the bride, her family, her friends to the groom, his family and friends. You know, parents and awesome friends are also perfect recipients of Serenades on a couple’s wedding day… we’d be honoured to execute a wedding day Serenade for you.



Quiet, Loud, Big, Small, Romantic, Themed, Playful, Unique, Edgy, Intimate, our Birthday Serenades are second to none
Same goes for yearly occasions such as Mothers day, Fathers day, Veterans day, Christmas day, New Year’s day, Easter’s day, your first date, your first kiss and many more

Valentine’s Day Serenades


Question: What’s better than flowers, chocolate or even a fanciful restaurant for Valentine’s Day??
Answer: Nino Charmaine!!
Just as with romantic dates, whether it’s your first Valentine or your thousandth, each Valentine must be special. Special doesn’t mean big or expensive, special means thoughtful and customised. Ladies are BIG on Valentine gifting, fellas let us win you some major “get out of jail cards” with a Serenade 😉


pls forgive me

You messed up, we know…You need to apologise, we know and we can help.
Reach out to Nino Charmaine today let’s help you express your apology to that person, special someone or a group of people in a unique way

Wedding Anniversaries

We believe in Marriage and yes, we believe in re-celebrating that memorable date when you tied the knot.Who says it must be big or outdoors? Just don’t let it be bland; Nino Charmaine exists and would love to Serenade you both on your wedding anniversary

Get Well Soon Gestures


People under the weather love nothing more than to receive a get well message from someone. Now add a little humour, fun & warmth and you get a Serenade.
At Nino Charmaine, we provide you with abundant samples of get well Serenades for your loved ones as our Serenades are the perfect get well speedily gestures.

Job Anniversaries


Just the mere fact you are gifting a Serenade to celebrate a work anniversary, a promotion, an achievement at work (maybe a new invention or the recipient met a terribly tough deadline), we love you already and can’t wait to start on your Serenade

Welcome Home Celebrations


Homecoming is about remembering good times with good people and celebrating that past and the present.
Make that coming home memorable for the recipient(s); Nothing suits a homecoming better than a Serenade


send off

You guessed right! The perfect demonstration of goodwill and enthusiasm for the beginning of a new venture to a loved one, colleague or friend is a Serenade, yeeeeeeees.

Education Milestones

job anniversary

Every accomplishment should be celebrated even Educational ones. Ever gifted a Serenade to a high school graduate or a Masters holder, or one who just got a professional certification in their field. We’ve got Serenades for kids too.

Corporates: Employee(s) Appreciation Serenades


Thank_you!_employee appreciation
If you’re a boss and want to show your team just how much you appreciate them, we will proffer Serenade themes which reinforces their value all while having a little/much fun

Corporate Gathering

corporate gathering

Nino Charmaine also Conceptualises Creative and Interactive ways to hold your Conferences, Seminars, Training, Corporate retreats etc. This way, participants are alert and engaged whilst having fun. This fosters team bonding/building and the *snooze* culprit is kept away 😉

We also handle the Setting up, Administration, Logistics and Entertainment for Conferences, Seminars, Training, Fairs, Corporate Retreats & Parties, Office Bonding and Corporate Social Responsibility Outreach.

Fulfilling A Wish

wandThe impact of fulfilling wishes is powerful and positive as each wish brings smiles, laughter and many special memories to cherish… which makes our Serenade Redefined services the perfect avenue to fulfill wishes.

Feel free to share in the experience of the recipient & create happy memories together by being part of the wish fulfillment Serenade. We pledge our utmost commitment to this.