How we work

We cater to both Corporates and Individuals clients. Our expertise at Nino Charmaine is the execution of Serenades and Enamoured Surprises for customers who want to delight their clients, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancés, husbands, wives, siblings, relations and other special people in their lives. Our flagship service, #SerenadesRedefined combines Music (vocalist + instruments), candles, flowers, gifts, dance, poetry, decor + many more elements into an artistic composition using more-than-just-words to communicate how you feel and celebrate those who mean so much to you.

Think – Patronage Appreciations, Proposals, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Client/Staff Appreciation, Wedding Day Serenades, Get Well Soon, I Miss You, Romantic Outings, Home Coming, Apology, Sendthforth, Showers, Bach. Eve, Corporate Social Responsibility, Flashmobs, Out of the blues romantic/celebratory gestures etc or you just need people to lighten up your crowd; we are the right people to serve you. We have a track record of crafting and executing memorable Serenades and celebrations for our clients.

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  • Contact us, Receive our Questionnaire and provide us with details about the recipient’s interests and your relationship with the recipient (we are keen on confidentiality)
  • You relax, while our team conducts a brainstorming session and 6 customised Serenade ideas are created for you based on your relationship and budget
  • You sign our waiver form and select the Serenade idea you love or mix and match the ideas to create one final concept
  • You are presented with a client engagement memo and an invoice
  • Vendors and venues are booked for your Serenade (musicians, comedy, art, candles, flowers, photographers, video coverage, decor etc.)
  • Your Serenade and all the details are executed flawlessly
  • Our team of experts know the right questions to ask you to effectively create a sentimental and personalised Serenade for your recipient
  • Access pictures and videos of your Serenade
  • All stressful details are handled for you by us
  • Instead of dealing with multiple vendors you have one point of contact to manage the entire Serenade or any special Surprise event you want executed
  • Saves you from searching for hours for an “original idea” on the Internet. Truly we save you time, data, a headache and friction from sneaking around trying to ensure your self-executing plan remains a secret!
  • We give you 10001% attention and dedication
  • We deliver even on short notice

We create amazing experiences and exquisite memories with our Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping surprise Serenades.

So, stop already with the bland gifts, predictable, unthoughtful, cliché and boring “romantic gesture”.

You don’t have to wait for an “occasion” before you gift a Serenade. Blow someone’s mind away with an unexpected out of the blues Serenade; celebrate someone special just because its Tuesday… or Thursday… or just because you feel like it…

The most precious things we have in life are moments, so if you’ve got a chance to make someone happy; Do it. Do it with our Serenades! Trust us its so much more fun than a box gift.

Be spontaneous, be bold, be different, gift different, let us turn you into a star. Yes, Anyone can Gift and be Gifted a Serenade; We do the hardwork, You take the Glory.

With our signature Serenades Redefined Service, we handle everything (logistics inclusive) from start to finish so that your surprise goes off without a hitch.

“There’s more love in an action than a word could ever express…” (Tessy Uyah,2015)