Our Serenaders


Spirit. Voice. Chords… Think folklore meets RnB, Babatunde is an entertainment brand that presents music, poetry, creative writing, stage plays, dance, song writing & performance. His style is “un-boxed”. Babatunde on Soundcloud

<b>Pella Squad</b>
Pella Squad

There’s absolutely nothing these guys can’t do in an Acapella version! They are hip, current and meld any genre of music Electronic–Pop-Funk-Dubstep-Garagehouse-Naija Flavour-RnB-Soul-Rap-Jazz to create something explosive. They totally exude the term “Serenade”.


A profound and passionate performer with the guitar, Seun is a soulful singer with a blend of Jazz, RnB, Pop and cultural heritage.


Acoustic singer, Soft rockist, Rap artist, Song writer, Performer, Focused and go-getter… he transcends us with his vocals and has got has got such a way with words that we are so glad he is on our team. Little wonder recipients of our Serenade with Caino beg us to keep going on and on and on…


An extremely talented Nigerian rapper, music producer and sound engineer, who recently released the critically acclaimed JazzRap EP, “My Own Horns”, and won the + Star Music Ground Zero online rap competition. Ladies & gentlemen he successfully coined out a genre of his art called “Jazz Rap”… we are just going to go ahead to say this; Alpha is the shiznit. Yes we say so.

<b>Fortune Angelo</b>
Fortune Angelo

Amazing vocalist, dancer, choreographer, song writer and actor, an intriguing performer; two words sum him up – Entertainer Extraordinaire.


One of the founding members of Pella Squad, the depth and flexibility of Tayo’s vocals amazes us till date. Cool, Intelligent and passionate about our Serenades, Tayo is one bundle of talent you want at your Serenade.


Think Tracy Chapman meets Jennifer Hudson meets Dido and you get the texture of Chika’s voice! 🙂

Super sweet, super calm, multi talented, pretty and creatively spicy, we are glad to have Chika on our team as one of our female Serenaders

<b>Mc Pascil</b>
Mc Pascil

Of course we incorporate Comedy into our Serenade compositions and Mc Pascil with his gifted comic personality holds the forth for us in this area. An engaging compere, his list of hosted events includes Kickoff Malaria Tournament, Yabatech Orientation Party amongst others

<b>El Rapha</b>
El Rapha

Event Planner, Song writer & a singer. Easy going, awesome & fun to be around, there are no dull moments with El Rapha.

His original composition titled “Ololufe” was used as cover/background track in the video of our Serenade session with The Kays.