Looking to celebrate their mum, her son contacted us on behalf of his siblings and we showed up and made certain their mum had a good time. We started her Serenade with a Surprise Makeup and Photography session before the Musical team showed up so you can imagine her Surprise when she heard Music and had an all out performance just for her?. Yes, we are fab like that?. Again, we don’t claim to know much but we know SERENADES and, we are damn great at it.

We ended 2017 with the Beautiful, Graceful and Bubbling mum of our client. This lovely? momma was the recipient of our last Serenade of 2017! Yep we executed this in the evening of Dec.31st 2017.

Again we had a wide selection of songs celebrating mothers, synchronised dancing and a proper dance performance for our client.

Enjoy (click the launch button).