Phew, we are slowly but finally conquering our biggest initial challenge which was getting most people to grasp our Serenades Redefined services 🙂

Next came the questions, “how do we know you are indeed creative with songs, comedy, visuals, your compositions et all”…. the answer to this birthed the Meet Our Serenaders Series which is a project of different series of our team basically showcasing a tiny bit of our creativity.

We got busy and can happily announce The “Meet Our Serenaders” Project has began and kicking off the series are our musical team…

Launch the project to enjoy some pictures from “the making” and meet Olaitan, Tayo, Victor, Tosin, IK, Lekan and Chika from team Nino Charmaine’s a capella musical team.

We are passionate about our Serenades, our clients and our people (team Nino Charmaine).