Our client contacted us all the way from the UK to book this Serenade; she said her sister’s Fiance to be wanted to propose but could not find a way to spring it on her as a surprise, hehe.

We got to work and needless to say, got it done. She thought she could not be surprised but we got her 10001% with her Proposal ????????????.

This Serenade had the best and widest choice of songs used- Fuji, Afro pop, Soft Rock and Naija Soul. We also included synchronised dancing to add some flavour to it. Oh we absolutely loved❤ executing this Serenade today and so did everyone present esp her sister and the groom. Aww our client was fantastic, we loved working with her.

This was our last Proposal for the year 2017, we executed this on the night of December 30th.

Enjoy (click the launch button).