Ever come across anyone that blows you away? with how down to earth, sincere and beautiful their heart is? This is exactly how Mr. B’s wife is! Fondly called mama RED by we her RED babies, it is amazing the support she showed to us online even without meeting us!

Twas her birthday Sept.11 and Mr. B surprised us with a phone call days earlier to book for a Serenade (okay we were star struck-ed). Okay there is a story but check our instagram post for it.

These two genuinely love each other, they are both amazing & we can’t get over their acceptance of us and what we do… little did we know that this Serenade would lead to another Serenade which opened us up to the world!

God used them and we are grateful. You see celebs approve, what are you waiting for? call us to book a Serenade.