Proposals – Why You Need Nino Charmaine

What We Can Do For You

“A diamond ring can always be upgraded, but a proposal story can only be written once.”… Anonymous

You can’t change a Proposal Memory & Story and you’ve got just one chance to get it RIGHT! You need us and we’d give you 6 reasons why:

Save You Time

You are carried away with the realities of work, stress and wanting a memorable Proposal… 🙂

Flawless Execution

Quiet, Loud, Big, Small, Romantic, Themed, Playful, Unique, Whatever your character or nature and that of your beloved, we have you covered 😉


No one would thoughtfully and insightfully review your moments together like we would, to pick out and inculcate into the Proposal the highlights you’ve shared together

Bragging Rights

We really are on your side and want to get you the biggest bragging points EVER! Your fiancée will tell the story to everyone (family, friends, colleagues, your children, your grandchildren, strangers, acquaintances’, etc), imagine if your Proposal is bland, ordinary or damn right thoughtless! arrrggghhh

Team Assemble

Even superheroes need help in certain areas (The Avengers, Justice League, Transformers, etc)… so if you think you’ve got it covered and do not need professional help, think again!


You get pictures, videos and the recipient gets a keepsake. In addition, we don’t stop at the proposal only, as our special services covers wedding events and so we ease your wedding planning stress by being your wedding resource 🙂