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We Are Serenaders located in Nigeria...

Who we are?

Life is about people not “stuff”…

Often we forget that thoughtfulness matters and that little gestures go a very long way; we forget that giving someone reasons to genuinely laugh and feel special is a gift. Everyone loves to be celebrated, imagine being surprised with your own spotlight… you become the celebrity for the day as people come together displaying an array of sweet & heartfelt compositions tailored just for you; you will definitely get goose bumps, yes, we bet that experience will be one of your best memories.

So, if you need a creative way to propose or break a great news or plan a quiet romantic dinner for your beloved or a quiet celebratory dinner for your family or friends, or you need a creative way to lighten up your crowd at an Event or give a meaningful apology, we are the right people to serve you.

WE ARE – Nino Charmaine, Nigeria’s Top Notch Serenading Company

Who We Are – We are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight

What We Do –  With our SERENADES, we Create Amazing Heart-Warming Experiences and Exquisite Memories with the most Beautiful, Customised Rendition of the recipient’s favourite songs, Fabulous & Unique Surprises, Gifts, Romantic Decor.

We Also do EVENTS.
Yes, we provide the best vibed Serenady Live Music Entertainment at Corporate Events, Private Events, Experiential Events & Social Events; and as Serenaders, we guarantee your event & guests will have an amazing time with us handling the live music entertainment.

Our ServiceSerenades Redefined

Serenades Redefined are amazing memorable experiences creatively put together

a. to express love for/to someone


b. in honour of someone or a group of people

With our Serenades, we help clients put together unforgettable gestures. We create unique elements and we’re able to capture the special moment and all the emotion that surrounds it; this makes our Serenades special, meaningful and memorable. Everyone can relate to it and share with each other the zeesty feeling from the Serenade moment.

How We Serenade – Each Serenade incorporates artistic compositions of Music (vocalists, saxophonist, guitarist and a violinist), Flowers, Meal Trays, Curated Gift Items, Art & Craft, Romantic Settings with candles & petals, Dance + other thoughtful and intimate details bespoke to the recipient(s); all put together to give the recipient one of the most memorable experiences of their life.

BOOK us to Surprise your Special One with Beautiful Renditions of their Favourite Songs, Gift items, Meal Trays, Romantic Proposals & Romantic settings. Our SERENADE is the Perfect Suprise to gift loved ones, family (kids inclusive), business partners, loyal customers, mentors, colleagues, and even yourself.

For clarity –

  1. Nino Charmaine is a Serenading company and not a music group. See more in the FAQs
  2. No, Serenades are not for lovers only and
  3. Nope, ladies are not the only recipients of Serenades (sorry ladies); Our Serenade Redefined services can be gifted to anyone or group of people; lovers, friends, colleagues, mentors, kids, siblings, parents, employees, boss(es), clients, Corporates… there is a Serenade for everyone

Our Serenades are appropriate for all kinds of Events and celebratory gestures; Think – Unexpected Surprises (Just Bcos Surprises), Thank You Gestures, Valentine, Proposals, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Job Anniversaries, Get Well Soon Gestures, Apologies to a person or group of people, Send-forths, Homecoming Celebrations, Celebrating Parents/Siblings/Kids/Spouses/Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Friends/Colleagues/Bosses /Mentors.
In addition, our Serenades are perfect for people who do not know what a Serenade is or those who have never experienced a Serenade and want the experience.

Why Choose/Gift a Serenade? Simple, memories are the only thing we have left after all is said & done and moments disappear…

This is why we ensure our Serenades remain great memories warming the heart of our recipient, clients and team every time they are remembered or retold. Our Serenades as gifts create memories which are priceless; they do not incur additional costs in repairs/maintenance nor lose value as some gifts do… Trust when we say nothing can take away the feelings felt by the recipient when they receive a Serenade – this is why the gift of a Serenade is more precious than any physical or material gift!

Kindly Note that: As an Integrated Serenading Company, Nino Charmaine provides a boutique of services designed to celebrate individuals and groups and create exquisite lifetime memories. 

We understand how intimate & special memories are for our recipients that is why our Serenades are thoughtful gestures designed to celebrate individuals or groups in fun, intimate and exclusive ways.

We are involved in the conceptual and exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring, and have Redefined the way people celebrate special occasions. Leveraging creative human, tangible and intangible elements, Nino Charmaine plans and executes celebratory gestures and events for individuals and corporate organizations alike. From birthdays to wedding proposals, anniversaries, romantic celebrations and Surprises, graduation ceremonies, fulfilling wishes etc., Nino Charmaine has the resources, the network and the experience to deliver a unique, breathtaking performance every time. Our unique service is tagged “Serenades Redefined”.

We are located in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. However, Nino Charmaine is thrilled to travel to your destination for an additional travel fee.

Why Choose Nino Charmaine

Why employ a professional Serenader and why choose Nino Charmaine, here are 6 reasons why (click each item to read more):

We Are No 1

With our service – Serenades Redefined, Nino Charmaine is Nigeria’s Top-notch integrated Serenading & celebrations company with expertise and experience in not just developing creative and unique ideas for Surprising and Appreciating your loved ones but also in planning celebration events and providing musical entertainment at events

We Take Away The Stress

Planning Surprises can be really stressful, the work involved in coming up with creative ideas, recruiting vendors and making sure they deliver to expectations and the logistics involved can take quite a toll especially when combined with your daily commitments. That’s why we say hire us, then you can rest assured that your Serenade or event will go superbly and that your loved one will be extremely wowed.

We Leverage Our Networks To Get You The Best Deals

At Nino Charmaine, we are extremely proud of our ability to leverage on our networks in ensuring that our clients have access to all the resources needed to execute a Surprise at the best price possible, whether in Nigeria, Dublin, Cotonu, the UK, the US, wherever. We save you the trouble of dealing with multiple service providers and our network of vendors are tested and trusted.

Our Creativity And Level Of Execution Is Unparalleled

Coming up with ideas for a Serenade Surprise that is not only in sync with the personality of the recipient but is also creative, unique and highly memorable can be a daunting task indeed. For us, we understand that every client’s story and the relationship they share with the intended recipient is different and unique, that’s why we deploy our creative juices to really understand the personality of the recipient to find out the things they really cherish and we use that knowledge to craft a Surprise that they will always remember.

Partners in Progress

You will find no other company like Nino Charmaine in the industry. We do not see our clients as just customers but we are partners with them and we work closely with them to deliver the memorable experiences that they have always dreamed of.

We Are Good For Health and Pocket

Stop searching for hours for an “original idea” on the Internet, which you will not find. We let you relax, take a chill, have fun and enjoy the whole process of your Serenade. Truly we save you time, data, a headache and friction from sneaking around trying to ensure your self-executing plan remains a secret!