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Who Are You/What is the name of your firm?

We  are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight; the name of our firm is Nino Charmaine.

Is Nino Charmaine a Music Group?

NO, Nino Charmaine is not a music group, Nino Charmaine is a Serenading Company.

However, music is incorporated into most of our Serenades so we work with an array of talented people covering various genres of music. Also, besides videos of our work, we often showcase our creativity through the use of music.

What Does Nino Charmaine Do (In Summary)?

We do Serenades which are Surprises. That is, we plan and execute Heart-Warming, Sweet, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES through our service – Serenades Redefined

With our Serenades, we help clients put together unforgettable gestures. We create unique elements and we’re able to capture the special moment and all the emotion that surrounds it; this makes our Serenades special, meaningful and memorable. Everyone can relate to it and share with each other the zeesty feeling from the Serenade moment.

If you need a creative way to propose or break a great news or plan a quiet romantic dinner for your beloved or a quiet celebratory dinner for your family or friends, or you need a creative way to lighten up your crowd, we are the right people to serve you.

What is the Name of your Service?

Serenades Redefined

What is Serenades Redefined?

Serenades Redefined is the name of our service. Our Serenades are memorable experiences; creatively put together

a. to express love for/to someone


b. in honour of someone or a group of people

Each Serenade is a Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise incorporating music, comedy, art & craft, dance, decor and other thoughtful and bespoke details tailored to the recipient(s). We Create an Amazing Experience and leave our recipient(s) with Exquisite Memories.

What is a Serenade?

Typically, people associate Serenades with music only and its beneficiaries to be people in love relationships with those purchasing the service, but with our Serenades, this is not always the case which is why we have redefined Serenades to be:

“A Memorable Experience, Creatively put together

a. to express love for/to someone        And/OR           b. in honour of someone or a group of people.

Our Serenade services can be from children to parent and vice-versa, among siblings, among colleagues (vertical and horizontal levels), between business partners and business to its customers. The idea of a Serenade service is to celebrate the impact people have been on the lives of others, apologise to people for wrongs done to them, celebrate people on special milestones in their lives, stir up the morale of employees/customers/a community of people, give back, celebrate live and of course express love towards another.

Why Choose a Serenade?

Memories are the only thing you have left after all is said and done… and the whole idea behind our Serenades is to give our recipients memories they’d cherish for a lifetime. The joy, the warmth, the fulfilment, the happiness that comes from receiving a Serenade, it is a feeling words cannot adequately capture… a feeling that cannot be erased.

Our Serenade service celebrates the impact people have been on the lives of others – Think – Patronage Appreciations, Proposals, Birthdays, Client/Staff Appreciation, Wedding Day Serenades, Get Well Soon, I Miss You, Romantic Outings, Home Coming, Apology, Send-forth, Showers, Bach. Eve, Corporate Social Responsibility, Flashmobs, Out of the blues romantic/celebratory gestures etc celebrate live and of course express love towards another. With our signature Serenades Redefined Service, we handle everything (logistics inclusive) from start to finish so that your surprise goes off without a hitch; see How We Work.

So, stop already with the bland gifts, predictable and un-thoughtful “romantic gestures”, stop being so cliché and boring. Cmon stop also with waiting for an “occasion” before you gift a Serenade. Blow someone’s mind away with an unexpected out of the blues Serenade; celebrate someone special just because its Tuesday… or Thursday… or just because you feel like it… trust us its so much more fun than a box gift.

Make a case for a Serenade gift?

Take an example, you spend N80,000 to buy a brand new handset as a gift… once that handset gets stolen or falls beyond repair it is replaced and forgotten or, if the handset gets faulty & requires repair, the recipient incurs un-budgeted costs on a “gift” received. But, if you gifted the recipient a Serenade, one so sweet and customised to suit the recipient, you achieve a better result and the recipient replays the event again and again and again and again giving you big credits each time it is replayed. The memories do not cost the recipient a single dime in repairs or loss and we have it on authority that our Serenades bestow automatic “free passes” to the clients 😀 Be spontaneous, be bold, be different, gift different, let us turn you into a star. Yes, Anyone can Gift and be Gifted a Serenade; We do the hard work, You take the Glory.

“There’s more love in an action than a word could ever express…” (Tessy Uyah); this is why the gift of a Serenade thrumps all.

Who Can Be Gifted a Serenade?

We cater to Corporates, Individuals clients and Events, our Serenades Redefined services can be gifted to anyone; male, female, old, young, kids… there is a Serenade for everybody.

How Do You Serenade?

Each Serenade incorporates artistic compositions of music, comedy, art & craft, dance, decor and other thoughtful and bespoke details tailored to the recipient(s). We use more-than-just-words to communicate how you feel when expressing your love or celebrating those who mean so much to you; creating an Amazing Experience and leaving our recipient(s) with Exquisite Memories.

When Can Serenades Be Gifted?

Serenades are appropriate for all kinds of celebratory occasions; Be it out of the blues (unexpected surprises) OR for an occasion [proposals, wedding day surprises, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, valentine, appreciations/thank you, job anniversaries, graduations, promotions, get well soon gestures, sendthforth, homecoming celebrations,  team bonding, wedding, parties, ring presentation, renewing marital vows, celebrating friends, siblings, kids, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, fulfilling a wish, a meaningful apology to someone (or a group of people), a feel good party, house warming, etc, the list is endless!].

Are Your Serenades Generic?

NO. Our Serenades are not generic. All our Serenades are customised to give each recipient a personalised wonderful experience… Creating Lifetime Memories is what we are all about at Nino Charmaine.

So, Why send a boring gift box when you can be mind blowing with the gift of a customised Serenade for a fraction of the cost?!
The recipient loves to laugh, big deal we’d have a customised stand up comic as part of the Serenade.
Recipient loves music, take your pick because we’ve got 1st class acts in all genres of music.
Want a “Transformers” themed Serenade? Don’t sweat it, give us a call
Want to incorporate dance? Art work or crafts? Flowers?, is the recipient a Romantic at heart, a conservative person? One who loves puzzles, soccer, movies, or maybe a workaholic?, just contact us and its all done.
Is your recipient a kid? The elderly?, Missing or Saying Sorry to that Special Someone? or you decided to Surprise someone out of the blue? yep we’ve got you covered.
Do you have a girl you want to ask out and don’t know how to? Or you want a romantic outing (a date)? We handle these too…
there is a Serenade for everyone.


How do you Create Each Serenade?

We engage clients in discussions and ask questions about the recipient(s), from the response, concepts are created for the Serenade. The concept is then scripted and finalised during rehearsals with the Serenaders suitable for that concept to see how best we can bring the Serenade to live. So basically a Serenade is first conceptualised, then scripted and then team members suitable for that Serenade are contacted and we get to work rehearsing, planning, mapping and finally executing the Serenade.

What Makes Nino Charmaine Unique?

What makes us unique is how we easily connect with the client and recipient in creating each concept, in addition to the depth of attention paid to executing each Serenade. Our professional delivery and execution of each Serenade have us go above and beyond the script to ensure the experience we leave the recipient with is incomparable.

We are honoured every time we get a request for a Serenade; for the team to be involved in something like this, giving people exquisite memories, bringing laughter and warmth; the feeling is in-explainable.

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Where Can We See Videos of Your Work?

Under the Gallery and testimonial section of our website, our youtube channel (Serenades Redefined – Videos)

or on our blog and our other social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest), just search Nino Charmaine.

Who Can Contact You?

Everyone. Yes anyone can contact us on 08181237244, 08055267244, serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

or fill out the form on our contact page and submit 🙂

Are the Recipients of Serenades Happy?

Yes, Absolutely. One Word to Describe the Reaction of the Recipient, client and those around – PRICELESS 😀

Tips to Prospective Clients?

Be opened minded and excited, these two things really help in fuelling a concept. We execute Serenades within 48hours however we would love it if clients contact us within ample time to allow for better preparations and execution as all our Serenades are bespoke and not repeated themes.

Packages and Prices?

We’ve got a lovely array of Serenades which range from Phone & Video Serenades to “Wedding Serenades” to “Patronage Appreciation” to “Lots of Little Stuff” to “Marry Me”, “Romantic” to “Friendzone to More” to “A little bit of Home” to “Get Well Soon” to “Movie Clues” to “Get out of jail cards” to “Jar of Joy”, “Fantasy Baskets” to “Missing You” and many more. Yes there’s a Serenade for everyone, every occasion and every moment; the range is endless; You contact us and we’d frame it for you!

Prices are fully dependent on the extent of service the client requires. On request we can have your special moment put in a book-like form and a CD to go with it.

View our Array Here.

Why Choose Nino Charmaine?

1. We are No.1

2. We Take Away the Stress

3. We Leverage our Network to Get You the Best Deals

4. Our Level of Creativity and Execution is Unparalleled

5. We are your Partners in Progress

6. We are Good for your Health and Pocket Yes, we create amazing experiences and exquisite memories with our Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping surprise Serenades.

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What is REDIF?

REDIF is an acronym for our dance program/service. The full meaning is Rhythmic Expressions – Dance Is Fun. Pronounced as “ri-dif”, Read more on REDIF here