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Thanks Nino, he loved it 🙂 I will surely use you guys again. Thanks



They are raving about you, they said the Serenade was lovely and they enjoyed it. Kudos



efosaekoHOTEL MAIN

You guys did great. Thank you for my husband’s Birthday Serenade, he loved it and we both enjoyed it. You gave us a moment that was needed.



Hello Nino, thank you for singing at my engagement party, you guys are awesome! Feel free to post the videos too ❤

MR U. C.




Thanks guys for Serenading my husband on his birthday. He loved it. I will recommend more people to you.

MRS D. F. M.

main gallery pic

Thank you so much. Wow. You really made her day beautiful. I also appreciate how patient you guys were with all the many changes in the plans. I will recommend your services to others. Thanks again





You made his day so beautiful. He couldn’t believe I got you people to Serenade him. He is so happy, thank you. I will give you referrals.



My husband enjoyed his Surprise, the Serenade was lovely. He was over whelmed with joy and excitement. Nino thank you so much.




There was no way I could have pulled off my Proposal without you guys. From following up with me, accommodating the so many change in plans and logistics, ensuring I was not too nervous, a lovely romantic setting and the beautiful rendition of your music, you made my day exceptional with your Serenades. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

H. J

DSC_0080 copy

Thank you, thank you and thank you. The show you guys put on today for my mum means a lot to me. God bless. Wish you and your team God’s blessings and protection in the year 2018.

O. S. K. O


DSC_0027 copy

Hi Nino…ok where do I start from ? I can write epistles but let me keep it short and simple.
Last Night was Epic!!!! You and your team executed the brief to the details. Now you don’t do these kind of things AND DO NOT SUCCEED, it’s impossible !
Hear this , You are going places far and beyond in 2018. Thanks for making my sisters evening a great one , she still is in awe of it all. Like u always write on your page , Serenading is indeed your thing !!!!
Thanks a million we sure doing business AGAIN!!!



I was pleased with this decor and she loved it. Thank you!

H. J



Your voices during the run through as we waited for the bride gave us goose pimples. Thank you for making this Proposal even more special. You guys are amazing. Keep doing what you do.



My Proposal went very very fine. Thanks guys for making it lovely for me.





Your twist on popular Carols and the renditions blew us away. We were entertained. We enjoyed your Christmas Carols and professionalism. Thank you.



You people are amazing. You did so well, I was so lost in the entire Serenade that I forgot I had a phone and so could not record it, I was just smiling. You did really well. Thank you. Your voices are superb.





Thank you Nino for making our day even more beautiful.





You guys again! lol. You guys are amazing, thank you, thank you, God bless you – Mr B.C

Thank you @NinoCharmaine you Guys ROCK!!!!! Surprise Dinner #ForTwo #NailedIt – Mrs Red B.C





Thank you Nino Charmaine. You made my husband’s birthday memorable for us with your Serenade.

We enjoyed it so much, he kept talking about it even afterwards. I will recommend your services and also use you again. Thank you.



Nino, God bless you and your team for making my sister’s day. She loved it. I am so happy that the reason I booked a Serenade for her was fulfilled. You went above my expectations.

Thank you. I will refer your services. I’m still touched with the Serenade, thank you.

Y. J



Nino Charmaine, Nino Charmaine, Nino Charmaine, ah, una sabi una work weeeeeella. I am speechless. Thank you so much for such a flawless delivery. She was WOWed, her entire office was blown away. I am definitely coming back as a repeat customer.

I’m impressed guys, thank you.

S. B.O

wip pic

Oh my Boss loved it, it was evident even in the way he reacted and enjoyed the Serenade. The entire office love it also. You guys are amazing.

I feel so happy I made the recommendation to my colleagues for us to go with your Serenades.

Happiness on behalf of the Entire Staff at EOM



Wow. He loved it very much, it was a big surprise. Thank you for coming through and handling the cake logistics too at such a short notice.

You guys are awesome. Keep doing great work. Thank you.

Mrs. T.O


Wow Wow Wow. He is still in awe. Let me not talk now till tomorrow.

I have another job for you guys. Thank you for today.

Happiness .Q.I



Wow. I am more excited than him. Thank you so much. He loved it.

For someone who doesn’t like surprises, this was perfect for him. Thank you so so much. Keep up the good work.

I will get in touch again.




You guys showed up first thing in the morning before 7am as we agreed. You are superb. Thanks for getting everyone dancing and for making my big dad happy.

I appreciate you guys.
Dami .A.



You guys were amazing.

Thank you very much

Blossom .C.


How can I thank you for today Nino Charmaine, despite the change in plans and all the inconveniences you guys went through this morning, you still delivered rock solid.

She loved it. You guys were awesome. Thanks again for the service.

Yusuf .A.


My dad loved it. Ha, he enjoyed dancing to your rendition of his favourite songs and the thoughtfulness. Thank you again Nino Charmaine.



@NinoCharmaine thank you so much, he loved it.

The entire office loved you guys. Thanks again

Mrs. Funmilayo


My wife enjoyed the Serenade, I’m glad she did.

Thank you.



Good evening. Thanks so much. He was completely blown away.

He loved it.

Mrs. O.O.


The words on the card mesmerized her, a pity I didn’t claim ownership of it 😀

Thanks a lot for your excellent service as always.



Hi Nino, Thank you, I love the decor. You are the best.

She loved everything. Merci beacoup.

Tola O.



Wow, it was lovely and despite the issues with timing, everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Thank you.

N.U on behalf of her colleagues


Yaaaaaaaaasssssss!!!!! I love it so much. With all of the love in me I say thank you so much – @sanyajide

Thank you so very much Nino Charmaine, you are the best. I will recommend your service to everyone I know – @bholarmo

Awww, thanks very much; I’m honoured – @hrm_angelseye_avartar

Various May Babies



Wow, it’s lovely and why didn’t I think of John Legend lol. My brother said you can deliver and you proved your self.

I love love it. Superb ???. Thank you, I appreciate you.

Mrs. Y.I

MsFolashade (2)

You guys are so amazing!

She loved it. Infact you guys made my day. It was really lovely.

Thank you ?


Aniedi 2017 Vals

You guys killed it, wow. I just won “man of the year” lol.

I heard you people turned the office upside down. Great job, thank you Nino

Segun .O.


Nice one guys, I completely got her!

I find it hard to surprise her as she always knows when I am up to something but this time around, I succeeded. She did not see the Serenade coming at all.

A job well done. Thank you.

Arch D.F


You guys were awesome. Thank you guys.

The Serenade was fantastic.

She and her entire office were completely blown away. Thank you

Mr. L.B


Thanks for the Serenade, it was so unique that it attracted everyone. We all loved and appreciated it, I am certain you’ll soon get some clients.

Bless you

Prince O.L


Nino, ahhhh thank uuu. I love uuu. The Serenade was fantastic.

That’s money well spent, thank uu ???

Mrs V.F

Nino Charmaine_Toks40th-birthday     Nino Charmaine_Dunhill2

Thank you Nino, may the good Lord continue to crown all your efforts <— MainEvents

Click HERE to view the Serenade (Casino Royale Themed Party)


We were impressed, Thanks so much Nino Charmaine <— QuorumWestAfrica.

Click HERE to view the Serenade (Indulgence Event)



As a repeat customer I knew I was getting top notch service but the way you guys put this together and executed it within the short time frame was wow.

She loved it and apologised for keeping you waiting. Thanks alot guys. Amazing work.



You guys rock and you have great voices. She loved it. You topped her supposed highlight of the day.

Thanks so much, I am definitely referring you to my circle.

Click HERE to view the Serenade



You guys did really good, thank you. 

Mrs O.N

Nino Charmaine _A

“My baby LOVED it. I was a bit worried because the Serenade took place in a very public and noisy place but you guys brought it on and delivered excellently.”

Thank you Nino Charmaine, you have won a customer for life! 

Click HERE to view the Serenade



“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys killed it. I just got the full gist. Thank you so much, You even read the poem.”

Hi Nino, I thought I should say thank you again, to you and your team for a perfectly executed Serenade. Your Serenade took T. to the moon :). She is super super delighted and hasn’t stopped talking about it.

You did fantastic! Thank you so much.”



What can I say. I had been dating my fiancee for almost a year and it was time to go on one knee and pop the big question. However asides poping the question I wanted it done in such a way as to make it a memorable occasion so what did I do? I contacted Nino Charmaine who incidentally had been my partner in crime during the relationship helping me spring up one serenade or the other.

In less than 24 hours they came up with an amazing brief which I loved. We tweaked the plan over a period of time till it was ready for execution and boy did they execute to perfection.

Lol and of course she said yes. Some guys who witnessed all the setting up and execution at the location told me later that if she had said no they would have bundled her and thrown her into the pool nearby.

Thanks to the Nino Charmaine team for making that day a memorable one for us.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Demola O.


I got to know about Nino Charmaine from Instagram, we chatted via whatsapp and when it was time for my mum’s birthday, I contacted them for a Serenade.

I was pleased and really impressed with the my Mum’s Serenade sessions which were three in total, a phone Serenade and two physical Serenades were done for my mum. The way mum laughed and enjoyed the Phone Serenade you’d think she has known Nino Charmaine for ages hahaha and wow, did she dance too at the evening Serenades. I must confess I was impressed that the Serenaders danced every bit with her and weren’t tired! Thanks Nino Charmaine, you are worth your weigh in gold.

Click HERE to view the Serenade



I had earlier seen Nino Charmaine on-line but only researched them out of curiosity. However, when it was my anniversary and I wasn’t sure of any unique thing I could surprise my wife with, I contacted them (this was barely a day to my wedding anniversary). I was impressed with the passion and professionalism of the team; my wife was surprised with a Serenade at her office, she was blown away and loved every bit of it. I am so glad I was able to do something unique and different, thanks Nino Charmaine.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Pastor E.


My first contact with Nino Charmaine was when I heard an acapella they had recorded at the studio. I was literally mesmerised and had to find out more about them. Hosting the NAPE red carpet, I felt having them Serenade guests as they attended the awards night would be a great idea and well, it turned out to be even better than I hoped.

The team were courteous, on time, neatly dressed and patient. When they began Serenading, the entire Eko Hotel stopped and focused on them, we were wow-ed. I was impressed and will definitely use them again. I recommend Nino Charmaine.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Aurora T.A


“We had a great time!!!
And I wore a yellow dress!
We talked about love and jumped into all the conclusions. We laughed, we argued, we solved relationships issues and more!

Thanks Nino Charmaine for letting Happenings handle your event.
Thanks to the audience for allowing me talk so passionately about changing the narrative haunting the female gender in relationships.
These are great times.”

Click HERE to view the event

Joy Isi Bewaji

Nino Charmaine…were just Fantastic! I thought it will be so difficult to surprise my mum on her birthday as she was not in Nigeria….and even sending a birthday gift will take days….but…they surprised me! They delivered fabulous presentation within such a tight schedule and budget…..mum was surprised and proud! Surely I’m looking forward to my next Serenade! Two thumbs ups Guys!

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Akin A

I was intrigued at my first Serenade, I thought it was fascinating and well-thought out and was impressed by the friendliness of the team and their excellent input. It was a wow experience worth having and my girl l-o-v-e-d every bit of it, did I mention it was a Proposal? lol, big Thanks to Nino Charmaine

Click HERE to see the Serenade

Chidi E.

L5 - how we work

Nino Charmaine is truly Serenades Redefined, they don’t just rush in but actually make every job unique in itself ….

I remember my experience with the team when they were to Serenade my girlfriend it was like watching a black ops unit at work as they grilled me on her daily itinerary and all her favourite things then proceeded to put together a plan on action on catching her by surprise and literally blow her socks off ….

The result was A-MAZ-ING and all I can say is thank God she wasn’t wearing socks . From Fortune Angelo’s performance to the choreography to the mixed emotions of embarrassment and the literal “M gonna kill him look” on her face all I can say is it was more than worth it.….

I would recommend Nino Charmaine to anyone and everyone no matter the occasion they would make it work. Like I said earlier every job is a unique challenge for them as no two acts are ever the same …. Oh and just in case your wondering she (my girlfriend) did kill me… in a good way

Click HERE to view the Serenade



I had seen an interesting clip about Nino Charmaine’s work on a friend’s blog and thought it was awesome but did not realise I could need it within days. I would leave out the events that led to the other on my side but when eventually posh delivery service was needed I reached Nino on phone same day and the response was amazing. Celebrant got a phone call for an interactive session and then a wonderful cake delivery in Unilag later in the day. “That was a super cake” I got told later . Thanks to you guys for living up to the expectation even at short notice.

Many thanks.

Click HERE to view the Serenade


The Kays

I actually rang Nino Charmaine not knowing what to expect from them especially since I don’t have all the money in the world being a corp member, but they got so excited I wanted to Serenade my parents and executed a Serenade beyond my imagination. They spent over 12hours with my parents! Wow. I became a champion, praise and example other parents use for their kids and team Nino C earned a permanent spot in my parents prayers! That’s to show how much they loved it.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Ayobami K.T.

testimonial k

Nino Charmaine provides the most organized, fastest and most reliable services I know. The other day, a friend’s birthday was just 1 day away and I didn’t remember until the night before the D-day. I called them up to ask if they could make a cake delivery happen at noon. Admittedly, they weren’t my first choice because prior to calling, I had made a few other calls but the responses I got were “too late” “can’t deliver” “ready by evening” etc. Not only did Nino Charmaine give an affirmative answer, they had ready for me different types and designs of cake to choose from. Totally saved me the trouble of thinking of the type of cake I wanted. And I dare say the arrival was timely, cake looked Yummy, tasted delicious and fresh too.

Don’t even get me started on my Valentine’s Serenade. It had me smitten for days on end. And I’m not talking just cake here. It was amazeballs. I know to count on Nino Charmaine for not just emergency occasions but for plans that I want a perfect turn out for. Well done Nino Charmaine!

Abimbola A


My experience with Nino Charmaine was very pleasant. The company’s attention to detail was very impressive and it was obvious they really wanted every aspect of the Serenade to go as planned.

I was also impressed with the creative output, as there was a real attempt to make the Serenade as original as possible.

Couldn’t have asked for better service delivery.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Obinna Igwebuike


From the very first moment you contact Nino Charmaine three (3) things stand out clearly -Professionalism, Ingenuity and Passion for what they do.

Over the last one (1) year I have had cause to use their services to Serenade loved ones. Some of the concepts where mine which they embellished and ran with, some of them where theirs. But whichever was the case Nino Charmaine executed them to perfection.

Each of the recipients of those Serenades where blown away and some have confessed to me privately that they were the best gifts they have ever received their whole lives.

So thinking of what to do to mark an anniversary or you just want to surprise someone or make someone feel loved and happy? Then I recommend you get in touch with Nino Charmaine. I have not regretted using them this past year and I will surely continue to use their services. Did I also mention that they are affordable?

Click HERE to view the Serenade

O. Ademola


The professionalism and the creativity in Nino’s Serenade videos is usually well obvious but one thing you don’t notice till Nino does your own Serenade is that interpersonal connection between Nino’s team and the ‘Serenadee’ – how they go beyond the script of the Serenade to truly making the Serenadee happy and feeling very loved.
Nino did a Serenade for my Mum and made her feel like her long lost children ( I missed it) were here to celebrate her birthday with her.
The innovation & originality in Nino’s Serenade is top notch.
Mum and Dad still talk about that Serenade till date (about 6 months ago).

Jeff I.


Swear down guys out there take my word, it’s great to hire Nino Charmaine for your proposal. The Nino Charmaine team was more than a pleasure to work with. Their creativity is inspiring, they are passionate about their Serenades, they are warm to work with, delightfully make working with them enjoyable and were a wonderful resource for me. Of course, my fiancée and I hired them after she said Yes to plan our upcoming wedding 😀 (I mean its a no brainer)

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Louis O.

10 - How we work ikujumd

My Girl said: “I cannot put in words the way I felt when I experienced my Serenade, it was crazy, it was amazing, it was beautiful. It’s a memory I’d never forget, I felt like a princess in a fairytale. Still can’t believe this is being done in Nigeria”, that sums it up for me. Nino Charmaine, super creative, fun and lovely people.

Click HERE to view the Serenade



The team are so amazing, when they said to us they would get Alpha who wasn’t in Lagos to come Serenade my daughter at the Hospital, my wife and I thought they were joking but they proved us wrong. We are so grateful for this, our girl instantly felt better and cannot stop talking about the experience. Thanks to the management and staff of the Hospital too for permitting this to happen. I recommend Nino Charmaine to everyone, they are superb.

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Mr. D.A.


I’m the classic Alpha male but I have to give kudos to Nino Charmaine for my in-flight Serenade, they got me badddd lol and I enjoyed every bit of it. My wife was so happy with my feedback on the Serenade, she sent in a hand written testimonial and appreciation to the Nino Charmaine Team

I’m sure they’d display the testimonial somewhere obvious for the world to see hahaha.

PS: The idea was all Nino Charmaine’s. My wife just heard about Serenades for the first time from her colleague and then contacted Nino even without fully understanding what Serenades were! So, Great Job Nino Charmaine, Great Job *clapping* ?

Click HERE to view the Serenade



We are all grown and out of the house but we knew this year we wanted something special for our mum on her birthday. She had never been Serenaded before so this was a perfect Surprise for her. The video and pictures say it all, Nino Charmaine was splendid, from putting together the decorations, to the songs performed, video from the whole family wishing mum a happy birthday, eatables etc we were amazed. Words cannot explain that experience, neither can they state how good Nino Charmaine is… almost like a hot knife on butter. Last words – get them to get their team to sing for you, wow wow WOW! their Serenaders can sing mehn, Mum said they even sang the songs better than the original singers lol. You go Nino Charmaine, we love love love your creativity and passion

Click HERE to view the Serenade

Kids of Mrs G.C.A

chinenye1 chinenye2

My words in the pictures say it all. In Igboland (Nigeria), a cow is one of the most prestigious gifts that can be bestowed to honour a highly distinguished recipient, so for my mum to liken the gift of her Serenade to that of a 100 cows only goes to show how much she cherished her Serenade. In her words: “I will never forget it in my life”. Don’t even get me started on the feedback I received on the Serenaders voices… and to think they came all the way to Abuja for this Serenade, superb. Everyone please patronise Nino Charmaine, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Click HERE to view the Serenade


Others shared theirs through various social media channels herein captured in pictures. Click the different links below to view the different Serenades

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A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

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